DYU ebike

Unboxing the DYU - A Beautiful and Ergonomic Ebike

DYU ebike for ladies

Finally, a small, light and ergonomic ebike…

We have all been waiting for something like this for a long time. And the engineers of DYU has answered our call.

Back in 2016, we announced the launch of the Stigo and the Stigo was admittedly slightly on the heavy side at 15kg.

The ebike rider is a very weight-sensitive creature and because this ebike is specifically targeted at the lady ebike rider, the small sized DYU has shedded the weight with a final weight of 12 kg. Just light enough to be carried around.

Truly Compact Form Factor

DYU small and compact ebike

The DYU measures only 1m wide with a drop down handlebar to give a height of only 50cm in height in its folded form. It fits comfortably into the trunk of any car while still leaving you space for your groceries!

Did we also mention that its 12kg? So no sweat broken when lifting it in and out of said car - even my granny could lift it.

Safety Features

ebike rear disc brake with 12 inch tires

And every inch ensures added grip and DYU will overcome any potholes easily with its 12 inch tires.

Did we mention it has double disc brakes too? Front and rear, yes. We are actually not sure if you need that much braking power for a ebike that has a max speed of 25kmh, but it sure does look nice! Perhaps that's the reason they put it in there.

Loaded with Functionality

DYU ebike with app for smartphone

The DYU is also bluetooth enabled to provide tons of app based functionality. The DYU app syncs with the ebike control system and is able to control the top speed, cruise mode, and electronic locking among many other features.

The battery life is displayed both on the app and on the handlebar dashboard so you are constantly aware of when its time to be heading 'back.

On those long rides, just hit the cruise mode button on the dashboard, and you can take your hands off the throttle and enjoy the ride!

DYU fun and small ebike for women

Ride the DYU like you own it!

What You Get In the Box

Watch this unboxing video of the DYU to find out how it looks and works right out of the box!

Where to Buy

The DYU ebike is exclusively available at Falcon Go in Thailand and retails from 20,900 baht.

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matt anderson - May 27, 2018

DYU ebike, am interested, live in Jomtien, the battery is it replacable?

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