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Top 3 E-Scooters and E-Bikes for Bangkok

Thailand Bangkok traffic congestion

Traffic congestion, uneven roads, and crowded walkways. Bangkok wouldn’t usually be thought of as the safest place to ride a bike or scooter. But other than the major roads such as Ratchadapisek and Sukhumvit, the roads in Bangkok are actually easy to ride on.

Thanks to recent efforts by the Thai government to clamp down on roadside hawkers, the sidewalks of Bangkok are now less cluttered than before.

In addition, the opening up of dedicated bike lanes around the old city and allowance of foldable bikes on the BTS and MRT, e-scooters and e-bikes have become an attractive mode of transportation in the city which has some of the world’s worst traffic jams.

Here are 3 great e-scooters and e-bikes suitable for the narrow walkways and crowded roads of the Thai capital:

1. Inokim Light E-scooter

Inokim Quick Electric Scooter

The Inokim Light is one of the most popular brands of e-scooters, and with good reason. The Israeli designed product gives you one of the smoothest rides you can hope for. After the success of the Quick version, Inokim released a beautifully designed Light version, weighing in at only 12 kg and can travel up to 35 km per charge. It folds effortlessly should you need to carry it on the train or bus.

It also has 8.5 inch air tyres which can help soften any bumps, perfect for uneven Bangkok walkways, giving you a perfect combination of comfort, portability and ruggedness.

2. E-TWOW Booster Plus E-scooter

E-TWOW Booster Electric Scooter

With a slimmer footprint compared to the Inokim Light, the E-TWOW has no problems handling the small walkways of Bangkok. It sports full rubber tyres but yet manages to provide a smooth ride, thanks to its front and rear suspension system, making this a very capable e-scooter for the roads of Thailand.

The Thai capital currently has a population of more than 8 million people, but the train infrastructure remains limited. Expansion of train line have been hit by delay after delay, causing over-crowding in trains during peak hours. The combination of the E-TWOW’s small profile and ability to be trolleyed makes it a breeze to carry it onto a train.  That’s what makes it one of the most convenient options for commuting in trains during rush hours.

3. EPIQUE City E-Bike

The 2017 EPIQUE City E-bike is a foldable pedal-assist electric bike quite unlike any other.

EPIQUE City E-Bike

Using the same folding system as the Dahon or Tern bikes, the EPIQUE folds up into a compact square that stands on its own in mere seconds. Bring it onto a packed train or keep it your trunk.

The compactness of the EPIQUE makes it perfect for tight environments. Extend the seat post and you get a push trolley for the folded e-bike, allowing you to manoeuvre the bike easily in train stations and tight spaces.

The EPIQUE also sports 16 x 2.125 inch wheels, which makes riding on the rough roads of Bangkok much smoother. Even with potholes and bumps, this bike will be able to handle up to 40 km per charge with no problem.

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Geraldine - October 29, 2019
Hello, I hope that you are well 😊

I’m interested in buying a electric bike and would like to know if I can drive it on the main roads in Bangkok?
Thanks in advance

freike - July 14, 2018

I look for a e-bike (Pedelec).


Steven Stoll - July 2, 2018

I need an ebike to navigate Bangsean. I’m interested in the Epique. Please tell me cost and technical details.
Steven Stoll

วาณิช รวีอร่าวงศ์ - March 25, 2018

ดูสินค้าตัวอย่างและทดลองขี่ได้ที่ไหนครับ รุ่นE-TWOW ราคาเท่าไหร่ครับ

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